Monday, 2 May 2011


In architecture, sciography is defined as a study of shades and shadows cast by simple architectural forms on plain surfaces.

we already made a hexagonal polygon in our class .First we placed this  polygon in corridor.then we observed the light from the sunlight falling on the object and the shade which is made by the object .then we tried to capture the same effect in paper using drawing pencils.The final drawing i got  is shown below.

 After drawing the single object..we placed more objects near to the i  placed my bangle and a rectangle box near my polygon.but  here the shade made by the objects were amazing and also it is different from shade which is made by on shade of one object is clubbing  together with another final picture becomes very interesting..
 after that we do some exercises..we drawn one object.Then we placed light source at one shade created by the object is shown below..
 Then i placed the same light  source in another direction ..The shade created by the same object is given below.

we drawn  some more drawings..this drawings helped me to know about how light plays in a dark rooms


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